Pulsar, Thermion 2, QX50, Thermal Weapon Sight, 3.5-14X50, 3mm Main Tube, Multiple Reticles, Matte Black


              • Varible Digital Zoom
              • Zeroing Profiles Management
              • Customizable Reticle Options
              • Picture-in-Picture Display
              • Wi-Fi Integration with IOS and Android
              • Video and Still-Photo Recording


              Product Description

              The Thermion 2 is Pulsar’s premium line of thermal imaging riflescopes for professional hunting, pest control, and personal security. Thermion 2 uses top-class thermal imaging sensors with enhanced thermal sensitivity (NETD) and optimized fast aperture germanium optics F/1.0. HD AMOLED screen displays ultra-clear image and ensures flawless operation in sub-zero conditions.

              Multiple ballistic features offer unprecedented versatility and comfort of use. Extended set of image settings enables the riflescope perform well in any weather conditions. Rechargeable battery provides long-lasting performance, onboard video and still image recording in .mp4 and .jpg formats to a robust 16gb internal storage ensures you can relive all the thermal action later. User friendly digital controls make setup and on-the-fly customizing easy. The Thermion’s Wi-Fi connectivity via the Stream Vision app makes using a smartphone or tablet as a second display and remote control easy.

                  Pulsar Thermion 2 XQ50 3.5-14X50

                  • MANUFACTURER: Pulsar

                    MODEL: Thermion 2 XQ50

                    TYPE: Thermal Weapon Sight

                    FINISH: Black

                    RETICLE: 10+ Customizable Options

                    MAGNIFICATION: 3.5-14x

                    TUBE DIAMETER: 30mm

                    OBJECTIVE LEN: F35/1.0

                    Field-of-View (HxV), degrees / m @ 100 m: 7.5x5.6 / 13x9.8

                    EYE RELIEF: 50mm

                    SENSOR:384x288 pix. @ 17 µm (NETD <40 mK)

                    FRAME RATE: 50Hz

                    DISPLAY: AMOLED HD 1024x768

                    VIDEO RECORDING: 1024x768 | .mp4/.jpg | 16GB Memory

                    DETECTION RANGE: 1800m

                    BATTERY TYPE: Dual Li-Ion B-Pack Mini Power System: 2 A·h Changeable Battery (external) / 3.2 A·h Battery (internal)

                    WEIGHT: 1.98lbs

                    Country of Origin: USA

                    UPC: 812495027109