In-Store Purchases

Here at Louisiana Firearms, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We strive to make your firearms experience go as smoothly as possible. If for some reason your purchase is defective or needs to be replaced, simply bring the item back to us. As long as your purchase is still under the manufacturer's warranty period, your purchase will be either fixed or replaced.

Once a new firearm is transferred to you from us or any gun store, it is considered used and no longer new, even if unfired. Because of this, once an item(s) and/or firearm(s) has been purchased from us and it has left our store, all sales are final and there are no returns. Again, if for any reason your item or firearm is broken, defective, or needs to be replaced, simply contact us for a replacement or repair.


For all layaway purchases, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit with the remaining balance of the purchase required to be paid off in 30 days from your invoice issue date. Failure to complete payment in full on layaway items in 30 days from your invoice issue date will result in termination of the layaway purchase and the deposit non-refundable.

Special Orders

Once an item(s) and/or firearm(s) is on special order with us, the item(s) and/or firearm(s) is not returnable or refundable once it has shipped from the manufacturer and is on the way to us.


If you choose to cancel a special order with us before it has shipped from the manufacturer, there is 30% restocking fee. Upon cancel, this fee is charged to you for our time spent invoicing and ordering an item(s) and/or firearm(s) that you chose to purchase regardless of how long the item(s) and/or firearm(s) take to ship and come in. 

Credit/Debit Card Refunds

Any time an amount is to be issued back to your credit/debit card for whatever reason, depending on your financial institution, refunds are credited back to your account between 3 to 5 business days after issuance. All not yet shipped but cancelled special orders are still subject to a 30% restocking fee on credit/debit cards.

Cancelled/Denied Background Checks

For all purchases, if you can not pass a background check, you can not own a firearm. If you receive a denied response from the FBI, or you choose to cancel your purchase after an ATF Form 4473 has been filled out and signed, the firearm can not be transferred to you. In these cases there is a 30% restocking fee. This fee is charged to you for our time spent on the item(s) and/or firearm(s) that you wanted to purchase.