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LanTac USA Enhanced M16 BCG .223/556 Nickel Boron


  • Runs Flatter with a Smoother Energy Pulse
  • Runs Cooler and Cleaner
  • Less Upper Pressurization When Shooting Suppressed



Product Description

Lantac's new BCG is precision machined from 8620 Steel with a shot peened bolt manufactured from Carpenter 158 and Magnetically Particle Inspected. The entire carrier assembly is NiB, Electroless Nickel Boron coated with the patented, advanced UCT EXO process, unlike standard NiB coatings. This offers extreme lubricity with a friction coefficient of .02 and surface hardness of 82-85 Rockwell C.

LanTac USA Enhanced M16 BCG .223/556 Nickel Boron

Color: Black
Out of Stock
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