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Rugged Surge 762


  • Includes, 7.62 R3 Flash Hider (5/8x24 Thread Pitch)
  • 7.62 Front Cap
  • ADAPT Module
  • Operator's Manual
  • Dual Taper Lock(TM) Mounting Instructions



Product Description

The Surge 7.62 provides superior suppression with two configurations in one tax stamp. In its full config. The Surge is one of the quietest suppressors on the market. For additional weight and length reduction simply remove the ADAPT Module for a lighter and shorter suppressor. Don't compromise when you can ADAPT. The Surge 7.62 is machined from 17-4 Stainless steel barstock and heat treated, with full circumference welded Stellite baffles. This produces unparalleled heat and abrasion resist. And finally, the engraving has been strategically placed over the thickest cross section of the tube for fast and easy replacement should the suppressor become damaged beyond repair. Say goodbye to wobbly and carbon locked mounts. Rugged's Dual Taper Mount's first taper creates a gas seal and concentric lock up to keep your suppressor where it should be, on your rifle. The rear taper creates a friction lock to keep your suppressor where it should be, on your rifle. The No Go/Go Gauge will give you confirmation that your suppressor is properly attached. Every Surge 7.62 is tested for accuracy and repeatable return to zero before leaving the shop. Machined from top of the line materials to withstand any rate of fire; whether it be a precision rifle or a cyclic belt fed machine gun.


Rugged Surge 762

Color: Black
Out of Stock


    FAMILY: Surge Series

    MODEL: Surge 762

    TYPE: Suppressor


    FINISH: Cerakote Black

    LENGTH: 7.5-9.0"

    DIAMETER: 1.5"

    WEIGHT: 17.5-21.5oz

    UPC: 859383006006


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